Our Services

Nursing Services

The Nursing Department is the heart and soul of Rest Haven, providing care for our residents and welcoming them into our lives.

Our highest priority is maintaining Rest Haven’s years of quality skilled nursing care, and we are proud that our staffing levels remain above both state and national averages.  Nursing services are provided by Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants, overseen by a team of seasoned Registered Nurses.

When you’re under the care of our nurses, you’re more than just a patient; you’re an individual.  The personal relationships developed at Rest Haven mean that we are truly sharing a home and sharing a family.


Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing

The Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing programs at Rest Haven work tirelessly to help our residents achieve and maintain their optimal levels of function and independence.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies are provided by Apex Rehab Solutions.  Whether you’ve had a recent stay in the hospital or are living at Rest Haven long-term, the Rehabilitation Department can help you achieve your highest quality of life in a safe, caring environment.

Long term residents can also benefit from our Restorative Nursing program.  Picking up where Rehabilitation leaves off, Restorative Nursing maintains the goals achieved in therapy during day to day life.  Nurses and CNAs work with their residents on transfers, ambulation, range of motion, and activities of daily living.  Restorative Nursing documents goals, minutes spent on each restorative program, and any improvement or decline, all to ensure the residents are living their best life possible.

Whether it’s exercising, bathing, dining, or more, the nurses, CNAs, and therapists at Rest Haven will invest the extra time and effort needed to provide the individualized, patient-centered care required to get our residents back to what they love to do.


Recreation Therapy

The Recreation Department understands that a happy, healthy life affects every part of a person.

They work every day to promote social stimulation, increase physical and mental functions, provide spiritual support, and ensure our residents are enjoying an active and productive life.

Activities are provided for every part of the person—body, mind, and spirit.  Sports such as volleyball and bowling keep residents physically active, word games and trivia support mental acuity, and movies and visiting entertainment are there for when you just want to kick back and relax.  Religious programs and services of all faiths are organized by our full-time Spiritual Coordinator.  The Recreation Department also runs a monthly Resident Council, so residents can speak out on the subjects that are most important to them.


For those Residents who have lost the ability to self-recreate—for example, by watching television or reading the newspaper—we have a program that helps our residents have a more structured day.  The Glow Program provides its members with 30 minute programming blocks consistently throughout the day, every weekday, run by the same leaders.  By providing this consistency and familiarity, the Glow Program gives its residents a sense of inclusion and stability they would otherwise be unlikely to achieve.

Nutrition Services

The Nutrition Services department knows that there is no better way to make someone feel welcome than with a delicious, home-cooked meal. Made on site each day with fresh ingredients, the food at Rest Haven wins rave reviews from Residents and staff alike. The menu is diverse and our restaurant-style service ensures our Residents always get the meal they want served right to them.

The nutritional needs of our Residents are overseen by two full-time Registered Dietitians. They make sure all our meals are healthy as well as delicious. Our food services staff prides itself on its liberalized diet approach and ability to provide therapeutic diets on an individualized basis. Visitors are always welcome to join us for a meal!

Social Services

The Social Services Department is a resident’s advocate throughout their stay at Rest Haven.

The resident’s needs are assessed, and a comprehensive personal history is prepared and maintained, so we understand the unique needs of every individual..

Personal visits with their social worker will allow residents to express their feelings, ask questions, address concerns, or just spend some quality time with someone who will listen.  A social worker can also provide information on community resources, such as transitioning home post-therapy, finding support services for various needs, or choosing a hospice agency when the time arrives.

Frequent communication between families and Rest Haven is always encouraged to address the needs and concerns of our residents, and our social workers are the center point of this communication.


Additionally, Care Plan Meetings with our interdisciplinary team and resident family members are held quarterly to regularly attend to the changing needs of all our residents.

From admission to discharge, short-term or long-term, Social Services is there to assist in the journey.