How do I place my loved one at Rest Haven – York? 

If your loved one is currently in the hospital, tell the hospital caseworker that you would like to choose Rest Haven for rehabilitation.  If your loved one is living in the community, please feel free to contact us via our website or call us at (717) 843-9866 and ask to speak with the Admissions department.

What do I need to bring when I admit my loved one?

When admitting a new resident, we ask that you provide the resident’s photo ID, insurance cards (including Medicare or Medicare replacement, secondary insurance, ACCESS, PACE, and/or any prescription card), financial and healthcare Power of Attorney paperwork, and Living Will.  Originals will be returned.  Digital copies can be emailed to Annie Evans at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What will my loved one need to pack?

We usually recommend 6-7 changes of clothing, including tops, pants, undergarments, and socks.  Additional needs may include shoes, sleepwear, slippers, glasses, comb or brush, hearing aid and batteries, dentures, cell phone and charger, and any toiletries the resident may want.

Can I decorate my loved one’s room?

We want the resident to feel as comfortable and at home as possible, so please feel free to bring in items to personalize their room. We ask only that you follow a few simple guidelines.  1.) Make sure there is enough space for a wheelchair to pass through.  2.) Do not provide your own extension cord or power strip.  Ask maintenance and one will be provided for you. 3.) Flat screen TVs should be 32” or less in size, and traditional TVs should be 20” or less in size.  The maintenance department will mount flat screen TVs for you.  4.) Do not use tape on the walls.  Sticky tack can be provided.  5.) Please remember that Rest Haven is not responsible for any items lost or broken. Valuables may be kept in the lock box provided in every resident room or kept at a nurses’ station for safe keeping.


When are visiting hours?

Visiting hours are 24 hours a day.  A receptionist is available 8AM-8PM to welcome you at the main entrance.  At other times or entrances, you will be required to buzz in and a staff member will let you in.

Can I bring my pet into the building?

We love pets!  As long as your pet is on a leash or in a carrier and is up-to-date on its shots, we are happy to have them visit.  We only ask that you keep all pets out of the dining rooms during meal times.  


When are meals served?

Restaurant-style meals are served in our three cafés.  Individuals may also choose to eat in their rooms and will be served from the dining room by our nursing staff.  Breakfast is 7:30 A.M.-9:00 A.M., lunch is 11:00 A.M-1:00 P.M., and supper is 4:00 P.M.-5:30 P.M.  Snacks and drinks are available around the clock.  

Can I bring food in?

Visitors are welcome to bring food in for both themselves and the residents, but please consider any dietary restrictions the resident may have.  Visitors can also purchase meals in the cafés during lunch and dinner.

My loved one is on a restricted diet.  Can you meet their dietary needs? 

The Rest Haven Nutritional Services department is prepared to meet a variety of dietary needs, including diabetic meal plans, carb-controlled diets, soft or pureed foods, and more.  Our residents’ nutritional needs are overseen by a registered dietitian.  Please ask to speak with someone in the Nutritional Services department if you wish to know more about your loved one’s diet.